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With mowing cycles getting longer, customers have been requesting a wide area, efficient, long grass management solution. In response to this demand, Trimax has developed an extension of their well-established Pegasus S5 mower, the Pegasus S5 SR.

Key changes were made to the Pegasus platform allowing the mower to tackle long grass, whilst also maintaining the market leading cut quality and the low maintenance aspects that have made the Pegasus S5 so successful. These key design changes are in line with our other well-established and tested SR products, further expanding on Trimax’s commitment to extending our long grass range.

One of the key differences implemented in the SR model that has improved long grass performance is the increased aperture at the front of each deck, achieved by replacing the front rollers with castor wheels, allowing more grass to enter the cutting chamber without it being rolled over first. This allows the blade to contact the grass in a more upright position, allowing a clean cut in long grass. This change, tied in with previous advancements in the double roller variation such as automatic belt tensioning, has allowed us to produce a wide area mower that can cut grass up to 500mm in height depending on conditions.

Another key difference is the increase in finished cut height range. The Pegasus S5 has an existing cut range of 10-110mm. With the implementation of front castors and larger side channels, the Pegasus S5 SR cut height range has been extended to 20-180mm, an increase of 70mm, extending the versatility of the mower for anyone that maintains long grass areas.

With its new design features the Pegasus SR allows customers to manage long grass more effectively to both short and long heights. This suits a wide range of applications including Aviation, Racecourses, and Wide-area public spaces.

With all the low maintenance and ease-of-use features included in the standard double roller variation, operators can expect the full Pegasus experience at grass lengths which were previously unmanageable.