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Snake Mulch Kit.

Save on purchasing dedicated leaf blowing and collection units with the Snake Mulch Kit.

Save on purchasing dedicated leaf blowing and collecting units.

The Trimax Snake Mulch Kit is a cost-effective and labor-saving solution for effortlessly improving the health and appearance of your turf.

The organic material from mulched plant matter supports microbial activity, which improves your soil’s ability to provide essential nutrients for grass growth and protection against disease. With the Trimax Snake Mulch Kit, you can mulch while you mow, delivering these benefits straight into your turf without adding to your busy workload or cutting into your bottom line.

  • Produces a fine mulch finish
  • Easy 1 hour install, or removal. Temporarily fit kit when required
  • Robust enough to handle pine cones and branches
  • Adds organic matter to soil for increased soil health
  • Retrofittable to existing Snake S1 & S2 models
  • Compatible with standard Trimax LazerBladez™

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