The all new Trimax Warlord S3™ with it’s hydraulic sideshift operation makes for a powerful working companion in various commercial applications.

Trimax Heavy Duty Flail Mower

The all new Warlord S3 with its hydraulic side shift operation makes for a powerful working companion in commercial applications such as weed abatement, tree farms, mulching turf off cuts, trimming turf ribbons, roadside mowing and horticulture applications.

Designed to be safe and reliable, and we’ve maintained our robust build which made the S2 the mower of choice for hire fleets around the world. With the ability to shred branches up to 75mm in diameter and fitted with unique features such as our Trimax Gamma™ Flails, unique pruning guide and an adjustable rear flap, the Warlord S3 means business!

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Warlord can be specified with left-hand offset. See offset graphs above for configuration


The replaceable Trimax Skids are ideal for operators where one or both sides of the Warlord commonly run on hard terrain.


Upgrade from the 1/3” thick roller to a 1/2” heavy duty roller for more demanding
applications such as roadsides.


Cutting Width1740 mm (69″)Rollers1
Overall Width2036 mm (80″)Approx Weight674 kg
Overall Length1050 mm (41″)Minimum Tractor Size44 hp
Cut Height Range0-75mm (0-3”)Flails Per Mower24
Cutting Width2040 mm (80″)Rollers1
Overall Width2336 mm (92″)Approx Weight752 kg
Overall Length1050 mm (41″)Minimum Tractor Size49 hp
Cut Height Range0-75mm (0-3”)Flails Per Mower28
Cutting Width2340 mm (92″)Rollers1
Overall Width2636 mm (104″)Approx Weight789 kg
Overall Length1050 mm (41″)Minimum Tractor Size55 hp
Cut Height Range0-75mm (0-3”)Flails Per Mower32


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