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Trimax LazerBladez

A complete blade system developed specifically for Trimax rotary mowers.


Trimax LazerBladez are uniquely designed to complement the geometry of Trimax rotary mowers for the best cut and finish.

Engineered for premium performance, Trimax LazerBladez are optimised to deliver a consistently clean cut on each blade of grass.

  • Fling-tip blades are easier and less expensive to maintain and replace than full blade beams.
  • “Tilt-forward” design prevents blade hang-back in tough conditions.
  • Wider than other blades in its class for higher impact in heavy mowing.
  • Ultra-precise blade carrying system made from heavy spring steel with minimal flex for excellent cut consistency.
  • Blade angles have been engineered specifically for optimum grass lift and discharge.
  • Reduces HP requirements, saving on fuel.
  • Full-length cutting edge ensures that all grass is struck by the sharpened part of the blade for a clean cut at fast mowing speeds.
  • Made from a unique steel alloy specially produced for Trimax and hardened for long life.
  • Heavy-duty blade bolts are larger and stronger to stand up to high-energy wear.


Available in flat and uplift designs.

Available in flat and uplift designs.


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