Trimax Procut S4

Engineered to withstand everyday use in the toughest commercial environments the ProCut Series 4 is refined excellence – and easier to operate and maintain than ever before!

High Performance Roller Mower

The Trimax ProCut has been a successful part of the Trimax range for nearly 30 years. The perfect small utility mower for sod farms and sportsfields the ProCut is used on high profile turf around the world.

Engineered to be easier to operate and maintain that ever before the ProCut Series 4 retains the same exceptional cut quality that set the original apart from the competition. With more spindles and shorter blade beams than comparable rotary mowers the ProCut provides more cuts per forward metre of travel, a finer clip and is  fitted with Trimax LazerBladez™  – a carefully engineered blade system which produces a superior cut and finish at high ground speeds.

ProCut Series 4 includes patented Trimax features including SteadFast™ maintenance free spindles, the RapidSet™ easy height adjustment system and the new LocTEK stubless roller retention system for vastly increased roller retention and alignment.

The ProCut is available in painted or galvanized finish and comes with a 3 year warranty – the longest warranty on the market!

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Procut 2019





This system adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 flat & 2 upturned) for a finer cut on warm season grasses. (Currently unavailable on the ProCut 210 model).


ProCut S4 comes with a single rear roller only, allowing greater intake of grass and improved cutting ability in demanding long grass applications.


Available in front mount three-point linkage configuration with front castors and single rear roller. Please see the ProCut FM Product Page for more information.


Ideal for high speed mowing, the Anti-Bounce Skids reduce the ‘scalping’ effect when mowing on turf which is not smooth. Helps to ease the mower over humps between the front and rear rollers.


Hot-Dip Galvanizing provides added protection against corrosion in coastal environments with high salt concentrations and applications with high fertiliser usage.


Trimax Helical Scrapers operate with reduced tension but apply a constant pressure across the roller to assist with the cleaning of debris


Cutting Width1740 mm (68.5″)No. of Blade Spindles3
Overall Width1884 mm (74″)Approx Weight511 kg
Height1085 mm (43”)Minimum Tractor Size30 hp
Cut Height Range10-90mm (⅜”-3¼”)Warranty (Years)3
Cutting Width2060 mm (81″)No. of Blade Spindles3
Overall Width2200 mm (87″)Approx Weight608 kg
Height1085 mm (43”)Minimum Tractor Size40 hp
Cut Height Range10-90mm (⅜”-3½”)Warranty (Years)3
Cutting Width2316 mm (91″)No. of Blade Spindles4
Overall Width2460 mm (97″)Approx Weight641 kg
Height1085 mm (43”)Minimum Tractor Size40 hp
Cut Height Range10-90mm (⅜”-3¼”)Warranty (Years)3
Cutting Width2890 mm (114″)No. of Blade Spindles5
Overall Width3130 mm (123″)Approx Weight770  kg
Height1085 mm (43”)Minimum Tractor Size45 hp
Cut Height Range10-90mm (⅜”-3¼”)Warranty (Years)3


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