Building on 15 years' of Pegasus innovation, we’ve spent the last 12 months in R&D innovating how to make mowing more efficient. The result – the new Pegasus Series 4 mower offering 15% less grease points and an incredible 35% less in maintenance costs.

The Benchmark in Wide Area Mowing

After 15 years leading the market Pegasus has established itself as the benchmark in wide-area mowing for parks, reserves, airports, racetracks, sport fields and turf farms.

Available in 4.9m and 6.1m widths the Pegasus S4 is our latest exceptionally low-maintenance trailed rotary mower. With the number of grease points reduced and the introduction of our new sealed, maintenance free spindles, maintenance costs have never been so low!

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The ILS (Individual Lift System) allows the independent lifting of mower side decks for reduced cutting width when operating in confined spaces – all without leaving the tractor seat


The Quattro Blade System adds 2 more blades to each spindle (2 flat & 2 upturned) for a finer cut on warm season grasses.


The Remote Unlock option replaces the standard transport lock release rope with an electric actuator. This is operated by a push button on the tractor


Trimax Helical Scrapers operate with reduced tension but apply a constant pressure across the roller to assist with the cleaning of debris


Electric Brakes reduce braking force needed from the tractor and include an adjustable brake controller with proportional boost for improved performance. The brakes can also be de-activated while moving


Trimax Turf Tyres help distribute the weight of the mower for less ground disturbance. Recommended for Turf Farms or fine turf applications.


Ideal for high speed mowing, the Anti-Bounce Skids reduce the ‘scalping’ effect when mowing on turf which is not smooth. Helps to ease the mower over humps between the front and rear rollers.


Hot-Dip Galvanising provides added protection against corrosion in coastal environments with high salt concentrations and applications with high fertiliser usage. Only available on Pegasus 610 and 722 models.


QuikLift enables all three mower decks to be raised just off the ground without disengaging the PTO. This improves productivity by allowing the mower to traverse gravel driveways, paths and helps produce effective striping when turning. Only available on Pegasus 493 and 610 models.


Cutting Width 4926 mm (194″) No. of Blade Spindles 9
Overall Width 5082 mm (200″) Approx Weight 2200 kg
Width (Transport Mode) 2500 mm (98″) Minimum Tractor Size 50 hp
Overall Length 4375 mm (172″) Warranty (Years) 3
Cut Height Range 10-100 mm(⅜” – 4”) Number of grease points 64
Cutting Width 6074mm (239”) No. of Blade Spindles 11
Overall Width 6230mm (245”) Approx Weight 2429 kg
Width (Transport Mode) 2500mm (98”) Minimum Tractor Size 55 hp
Overall Length 4375 mm (172”) Warranty (Years) 3
Cut Height Range 10-100 mm(⅜” – 4”) Number of grease points 64
Cutting Width 7235mm (285″) No. of Blade Spindles 13
Overall Width 7366mm (245″) Approx Weight 2700kg
Width (Transport Mode) 2500mm (98″) Minimum Tractor Size 70 hp
Overall Length 4375mm (172″) Warranty (Years) 3
Cut Height Range 10-100 mm (⅜” – 4”) Number of grease points 64


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